Envuelta en peces

Alguna vez has tenido la sensación de estar envuelto en un torbellino de peces? Estos son blue mao mao, Poor Knights, en Nueva Zelanda. Parámetros técnicos: Punto de buceo: Middle arch, Poor Knights, Nueva Zelanda Duración de la inmersión: 50 minutes Temperatura: 16º C Profundidad máxima: 25 metros Profundidad mínima: 7.3 metros Botellas: 2×12 acero, […]

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A brand new wreck – The Rena

 I love the sense of vertigo descending into an unknown environment. The knot in my stomach was getting tighter and tighter as I descended onto New Zealand’s newest ship wreck, The Rena, recently open to divers and non-divers in April 2016. The MV Rena was a 37000 tons cargo ship, owned by a Greek shipping […]

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Waka and Water

On Auckland anniversary weekend, is the perfect time to give a brief overview about this wonderful city, whose history has been driven by its isolation from the world, the character of the people, and all the civilizations, colonizations, and cultures that arrived here, most of them to stay, has definitely had a huge impact over […]

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