Chasing numbers – O Camiño

What a better way of coming back to your own country by doing the same as you did when you left? I decided to do the Santiago Pilgrim’s way, O Camiño de Santiago, in Galician; is one of the most popular walks in Europe, and also all over the world, because of its history, landscapes […]

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Contributing to Science – Volunteering for Hypoxia Studies

This was my first time volunteering for a human trial, and as it can’t be for another reason, to contribute to decompression studies in divers, among many other things such as research on space and human spaceflight, high altitude climbing or mountaineering. The study itself it’s titled: Does dietary creatine supplementation improve brain performance during […]

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Training before the training

All diving courses can be thought as a training for your future dives, or the dives that you would like to be able to do in the future, but what’s this of training before the training? Some people think practicing is something stupid when it comes to diving, maybe because on their minds, diving is […]

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New tools to explore? Geocaching!

  Some people may not consider it exploration, as if as I learnt in the last two years, a place that contains a cache, it’s largely already explored in New Zealand. This area is one of those places that there are still complete islands, without one cache! For the geocaching lovers, specially in Europe, that’s […]

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It´s Friday night, and I´m determined today to write the first entry of the blog/web. Yes, this is JAFA – Just Another Fucking Agenda – I actually had to look for synonyms to made that up, and here we are, the rambling is already ON. The intention of this entry is to create a list […]

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