Floating in Ressel

Beautiful Emergence du Ressel last week, amazing visibility Divers: Claudia Haltern, Belen Andres Dive time: 93 minutes Maximum depth: 30 meters Water temperature: 12 degrees Logistics: Oliv’Air : The Cave To Be Ressel cave feeds water to the Cele River in the Lot region. It is a passage with white huge rock blocks, that splits at 180 meters […]

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Project diving! Mapping wrecks

How do you imagine the wrecks are drawn and mapped, apart from sonar and electronic tools? Sometimes you need to actually go diving (yay!) and identify the wreck!   Technical parameters: Dive site: River Gurara, Sesimbra, Portugal Dive time: 55 minutes Temperature: 16º C Maximum depth: 30 meters Average depth: 14.7 meters Tanks: 2×12 steel, back gas Gas: Nx 32% […]

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Wrapped in Fish

Have you ever have the feeling of being wrapped on a fish whirlwind? These are blue mao mao, in Poor Knights, New Zealand. Technical parameters: Dive site: Middle arch, Poor Knights, New Zealand Dive time: 50 minutes Temperature: 16º C Maximum depth: 25 meters Average depth: 7.3 meters Tanks: 2×12 steel, back gas Gas: Nx […]

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