Chasing numbers – O Camiño

What a better way of coming back to your own country by doing the same as you did when you left? I decided to do the Santiago Pilgrim’s way, O Camiño de Santiago, in Galician; is one of the most popular walks in Europe, and also all over the world, because of its history, landscapes […]

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Perspective – Floating in fish

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, some preparations were behind that, the water always keeps me busy. The blue mao mao, always lovely to swim with them, accompanied me during the last training days before the big corse. What a lovely fish! Why would they like that much arches, sun and shadows? would they feel […]

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Where am I?

The perfect storm – storms underwater. They can come from the above or below, but they are always fun to watch, with the perspective and freedom that zero gravity gives you

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