Plurauka 2019

The first time I saw the movie Diving into the Unknown, on a theater in New Zealand back in 2016, my thoguths were that I would never been able to make it to that cave. On the movie, they present it as a deep cave, as it was the rescue of Finish divers who could […]

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Do you speak Korean?

It was not a diving intended trip but… Why don’t take the chance, and instead of coming back on a Friday, I could come back on a Sunday! Yes, I could go diving! I’ve already been in South Korea 7 years ago, at that time, I was already a technical diver, but for some reason, […]

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Towards the Snow, in August!

And no, I’m not going to the Southern Hemisphere. I’m going to Alaska!! My first time on that state, and not normal Alaska… but to Prudhoe Bay, one of the most Northern tips of the country. It was super exciting! But as with these type of places… It’s not exactly easy to get there, actually, […]

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How technology enhances visitor experiences and eases tourist pressures

Lascaux Caves – most impressive visitor experience & prehistoric cave paintings, a guest blog with photos and video by Nicole Miller.. ‘Warning over tourism torrent for fragile caves on the West Coast’ – a headline that grabbed my attention a couple of days ago. Department of Conservation, a New Zealand government agency issues a strictly limited number of […]

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