The Importance of Cave Surveying

Do you know that water is one of the most precious resources on this planet? Not to mention fresh water. Humans can’t survive without it, and even saying that 80% of the planet is water, not all of it of course can be used by human beings. Not going into plastics, pollution, and bad treatment […]

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How technology enhances visitor experiences and eases tourist pressures

Lascaux Caves – most impressive visitor experience & prehistoric cave paintings, a guest blog with photos and video by Nicole Miller.. ‘Warning over tourism torrent for fragile caves on the West Coast’ – a headline that grabbed my attention a couple of days ago. Department of Conservation, a New Zealand government agency issues a strictly limited number of […]

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Namibia – The first impressions

Little I knew about this new country I was visiting… Namibia, especially about all its history of apartheid, the relation ship with South Africa, Germany, Cuba, North Korea… etc. So this was really impressive for me. When we have been looking for information, we couldn’t find lots of tourist info either, everybody on tourist shows […]

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