Back to the Mountains

Mountains on the beach? Well… I was missing this for a while, going for a walk in the mountains, with the view of the sea on the background. There are not so many places where you can do this, and Alicante is one of them.  I looked online for some tracks where I could go, […]

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The Madame

I was quite impressed with the name of this cave: Trou Madame, and I was really wondering where the name would come from, or what could I expect on the cave. The dive there was already interesting, as it happens with this region in France, the landscapes are stunning, I could not stop looking everywere, […]

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¿Hablas Coreano?

No iba a ser un viaje de buceo pero… ¿Porqué no aprovechar la oportunidad? En lugar de volver un viernes, podría volver un domingo… ¡Si! ¡Ya me puedo ir a bucear! Ya estuve en Corea del Sur hacía 7 años, y por aquellos tiempos ya era buceadora técnica, pero por alguna razón no tenía las […]

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Plura vs Litjaaga

Big vs. Cozy… Which type of caves are your preferred ones? For me to be honest, I love both. The both have something special as any cave. Sometimes I get asked what’s your favorite cave, I always reply I just can’t have one, they are all special to me, and the feelings that away on […]

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Plurauka 2019

The first time I saw the movie Diving into the Unknown, on a theater in New Zealand back in 2016, my thoguths were that I would never been able to make it to that cave. On the movie, they present it as a deep cave, as it was the rescue of Finish divers who could […]

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Will you marry me? YES, but…

Yes, but… Let’s do it inside our underwater cave!! Yes… you read it right, but let’s start from the begining. A Wedding is always something happy, to share with friends and family, everybody wants their wedding to be the most special one. Then, on the other side, we have caves, and cave divers, all cave […]

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Do you speak Korean?

It was not a diving intended trip but… Why don’t take the chance, and instead of coming back on a Friday, I could come back on a Sunday! Yes, I could go diving! I’ve already been in South Korea 7 years ago, at that time, I was already a technical diver, but for some reason, […]

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