Camilo – back home

At the end of the main tunnel

Today was the time for Camilo again, from cenote Muchachos. Sometimes, you don’t choose places, but the place chooses you. I’ve heard that a few times already, but I never experienced it myself, until now. And it’s all related about the feelings and the peacefulness that you can find there.

The plan this time was to head towards cenote Muchachos, located in Rancho Santa Fe, Tulum, to dive the Camilo system. I’ve been here before, and of course I absolutely loved it, it is one of these caves that they have the mystery, the “something else” but yo don’t know why. And his time, it was promising only with the name of our target gallery (as it happened before): Dark side of Moon.

Not only all the passages and lines have a funny name here, they also have their own personality and characteristics: Black Forest, Grand Canyon, The Go Back Line, Look Here, Nanny’s Line, etc.

Normal procedures, GUE EDGE, checks, are we ok? THUMB DOWN!!!


Armed, yes, armed with 5 tanks each: four S80 with Nitrox 32 and one O2 S40, we descended into the main line, dropping the Oxygen at 6 meters for our deco stop, the only limit we set up was 30 minutes of deco in O2. Everything open from there! We also knew that the cave wasn’t going deeper than 20 meters, so there was a natural limit there as well.

The gas planning was to either use 100 bars of each stage for initial penetration, or leave the first one at the Black Forest jump and the second one at Dark side of moon jump, whatever comes first.

It was the second time I was there and I had a completely different view of the cave, but I have to say, that there were the same feelings: immense canyon, black cave, mystery and  darkness.

Snowed Black Forest
More snow!

After dropping the O2 at 6 meters, just in the entrance of the cave, we swam towards Black Forest, where we dropped the first stage. We entered there, and it is actually a black forest… snowed!! super black cave with super white sand on top… I guess the road works on top makes its stamp.

We kept on swimming, I was actually having a lot of fun with the names of the different lines, and passed Dark side of moon, to continue in the main line for another 15 minutes (drop stage at DP), until the cave got tight and we came back. Picked up the stage and jumped to DSOM but first left the stage at the jump.

This passage is actually like being on the moon, hence its name. I only had that feeling before, and it was on another of my safe places: Chatham Islands. I can not even describe it, a landscape of craters and hard rock.

On the way back we had a quick checkout of the upstream branch, where we could see some instruments for measuring flow and sediments. We did our deco just on the entrance, at 6 meters, and of course, we had to use our tools…. it was fun!

screenshot 2019-01-29 at 22.04.05
Dive profile

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