Towards the Snow, in August!

And no, I’m not going to the Southern Hemisphere. I’m going to Alaska!! My first time on that state, and not normal Alaska… but to Prudhoe Bay, one of the most Northern tips of the country. It was super exciting! But as with these type of places… It’s not exactly easy to get there, actually, […]

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The Famous Ressel

Finally!! I got to go to The Lot. I’ve been hearing a lot about this area of France, where usually European people take cave classes, so they don’t need to travel to Mexico or Florida. One of the most famous caves around here is Ressel, and most of the photos that you can see online […]

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Atlantic – Going back home

Exactly seventeen years ago, I used to come with my parents here every single summer for a minimum of two weeks. To be honest, I didn’t really liked it, not to say that I hated it, I was super bored, didn’t like the beach or the sea, and I’ve always hated as well to lay […]

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The Importance of Cave Surveying

Do you know that water is one of the most precious resources on this planet? Not to mention fresh water. Humans can’t survive without it, and even saying that 80% of the planet is water, not all of it of course can be used by human beings. Not going into plastics, pollution, and bad treatment […]

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