It´s Friday night, and I´m determined today to write the first entry of the blog/web. Yes, this is JAFA – Just Another Fucking Agenda – I actually had to look for synonyms to made that up, and here we are, the rambling is already ON.

The intention of this entry is to create a list of intentions of this web, so you can like or dislike it, whatever, and most of them, is to show the world what I´m actually able to see, mainly because there are not so many people that would be able to do so, at least all together.

Two of the pictures of this blog are from recent travels around New Zealand, but both with completely different purposes and to a complete different places, only 2 days apart.

This entry will be the most personal-content-related entry that I will try to write, and everything on this blog, would be focused in objective observations or knowledge, as I´m a scientist, and I just like the scientific method.

The blog will be a journey around the world, from all the sides that I can possibly touch, and of course, the driven condition, at least for the moment, is my enjoyment.

Celebres ultimas palabras

This blog will contain as well old adventures, as they can´t be lost in time, only when I don´t have anything else to tell.

This will show the world from the eyes of an engineer, so don´t expect too much poetry either. I will share friends/webs pages whenever I can, and when they are considered public interest 🙂

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