New tools to explore? Geocaching!


Some people may not consider it exploration, as if as I learnt in the last two years, a place that contains a cache, it’s largely already explored in New Zealand. This area is one of those places that there are still complete islands, without one cache! For the geocaching lovers, specially in Europe, that’s a dream!

For those who don’t know what geocaching is, there is a really good description below.

What’s your hobby?

I personally use it to discover new places, and also to learn something about the place I’m at. I’ve discovered really good hidden spots because of this! One of my recent hidden gems is the Pararaha stream. It is not marked on any of the walking/tracking maps by Department of Conservation in New Zealand, because could be a bit tricky sometimes, specially when it has been raining. But it’s not closed to public either! So you don’t have to worry about breaking permissions.

Spot the route!

If you look carefully in the map, you it’s quite obvious that there’s a clear defined line of caches, that should follow a route, and it’s not a marked track.

It turned out it was a great day on the Waitakeres, descending the Pararaha stream, with great scenery and a few tricky passes over rocks and waterfalls.

Technical details:

Distance: 14.9km

Duration: 4h 52m

Total ascent: 709m

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 20.59.59.png
The final track

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