Comfort zone? What´s that? Comforz

It seems that lately, or at least since the last couple of years, people tend to talk about this so called “comfort zone”. Apparently, the cool thing to do now, is to get out of it, and to be proud of that and tell everyone, of course, by publish several Facebook/Instagram/TheXsocialNetwork, to make sure that (not everyone) but most of the people know what they have done. But, is it “comfort zone” a term that has been coined from the social media, just to say, Hey look! I´m out of my comfort zone! (Which it seems to be really difficult to write for a Spanish who always writes comforz, shall we change it?)

For some people, their comfort zone, might not be just being in their environment, maybe for some people the comfort zone, is precisely, moving out of that, and being on the unexplored or in a non-comfy situation.

I´ll just explain a quite simple example: how many of you travellers, have experienced the typical conversation: where are you from? How long have you been here? Do you miss home? How long are you going to stay? Why did you move here? How many places have you visited?

All of us had exactly the same conversation at least….. 100 times. And by us, I mean, people who moved out of what some others call comforz.

Maybe that´s our comfort zone! Why not? But there is a point when you ran out of what to say, and you really need to talk about important stuff, or something maybe, a bit deeper and more personal? If you´re not going into the most recurrent conversation ever on the last 10 years: TV shows. Which I started to watch, true, and I stopped, and now I think I´m out of the times! .

Where I don´t really feel confident, is going beyond those “weather conversations” where you talk about your travels, which one of us is not comfort talking about any random thing with someone who we just met? Who cares? You´re not going to see them again, probably.

So for how many people is this their comfort zone? and for how many others could be just unbearable, and don´t know how to act?

For some other individuals, the comforz is to be inside a cave, lost in the mountain (maybe figuratively), at sixty meters below the sea level or eleven thousand above. For many people, the comforz is the unknown, is where nobody has been before, or is to discover what is there around that corner that is two hours swimming from any point where they can actually breathe. There is where they really relax.

There is an encouragement to go out of the comfort zone, but why do we consider that’s good and also, where is the comfort zone for most of the people?

It seems that these days, the old self helping books, are replaced by all these webs and Facebook pages that have everyday encouragement sentences.


Everything is a matter of perspective at the end.


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