Patrick, Patricio, Patrizio, Patrekur, Pradig, पॅट्रिक, …

Why is St. Patrick’s day one of the most World Wide celebrations every year? Almost every developed country, has this celebration on the 17th of March, or at least, for bars privilege, the weekends before and after. 

I’ve been celebrating St Patricks in every country that I´ve been in for the last few years during this day: US, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, France, … It caught me by surprise today, on the way to “visit” some pacific islands, like I did five years ago.

It seems that this celebration is all about drinking beer, dark, green, yellow, any colour you like, but in fact, in some of the countries, this celebration belongs to the families, and originally, is a catholic celebration, commemorating the death of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

How did the tradition ended up from commemorating a death anniversary to drink beer as crazy? One can link Ireland and beer, as it is a typical beverage from the island, but the reason is quite simple, and it is why most of the Catholic traditions begin or end with some alcohol-related festivity: either going in or out of a lent. Nothing surprising up to now…

But, why is this festivity one of the most extended ones, and everyone keeps an eye on it to celebrate? Irish people must be doing something really right… but actually, the St. Patrick’s celebrations started in North America among the diaspora, rather than in Ireland, that was not extended until the 20th century. Nowadays, as we said, it is celebrated all around the world. The official color of St. Patrick’s is the green, because of the shamrock, a plant that was used to explain the Holly Trinity to the pagan Irish.

Five years apart +/- one day, on each side of the date line and a whole live in between:

Auckland, 2016


2011 Hawaii



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