Waka and Water

On Auckland anniversary weekend, is the perfect time to give a brief overview about this wonderful city, whose history has been driven by its isolation from the world, the character of the people, and all the civilizations, colonizations, and cultures that arrived here, most of them to stay, has definitely had a huge impact over the population character, welcoming, openness to the world and craving of exploration.

Auckland history is not long compared to ancient civilizations, like Chinese, or the mix of cultures in Europe. The city is celebrating its 151st year, with cultural events all around the historical places, especially those related with water, an element that is present on every activity and day, one way or another.

Maori culture, as well as other pacific influences drive the culture of this city, mixing with European, primarily british, and the thousands of immigrants that during these days populate the cities and towns, french, italian, south american, spanish… It can be said that New Zealand is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. A reasonable number of people who come to this country, including tourists, at some point they come back to stay, bringing their culture with them.

It is because of their isolation that kiwis are that much self sufficient, in all senses, including the day by day life. It is not uncommon on these islands to see people having their own plane or boat, either they own or share time on a bigger one with some association. That is a huge difference compared to people in Europe, America and in most parts of the world. In New Zealand is common to meet explorers, hikers, and sailors, in fact, it was a kiwi who first reached the Everest in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary. Nowadays, there is a trail in Auckland around the Waitakere ranges with his name.

A special relevance is given in Auckland anniversary day to water and maori culture, filling up events with everything related to this, like the Waka festival and the opening of the Auckland port to visitors.

More information about Waka can be found here:





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